AMA Recap: MetaHub Finance x Binance Live

2 months ago

Topic: Web3 and AI Convergence: Decentralized Intelligence

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who took part in the interactive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session held on April 2, 2024, at 1 PM UTC. We truly appreciate your support and attendance. If you couldn’t join us, you can catch up with a detailed summary of the AMA in the MetaHub Finance x Binance Live recap.

On 02, April 2024 at 1 PM UTC, MetaHub BD Manager – Alan Vtook the spotlight during an engaging AMA session on Binance Live. The session drew a significant audience, with more than 20,000 community members participating simultaneously. Attendees were enthusiastic about learning about the latest updates from MetaHub Finance and uncovering details about the upcoming event.

The main aim of this interactive 45-minute session was to familiarize a broader audience with both the speaker, Alan V, and MetaHub Finance, along with its range of products. Throughout the session, we discussed the essential aspects of MetaHub, including its DAC platform, Quest Portal, and Affiliate platform. Moreover, we had the chance to delve into the intricacies of MetaMinting, the roadmap for development, and MetaHub’s mission and vision. The community enthusiastically engaged by posing insightful questions.

The AMA ssession was highly successful in drawing in new members to the community and showcasing the recent advancements in MetaHub’s key focus areas. Attendees actively interacted with Mr. Alan V, asking questions pertaining to MetaHub’s product development. This session underscored the growing popularity of the project and the community’s eagerness for its vision. Without delay, let’s explore the key moments from this informative AMA session.

Throughout the conversation, Mr. Alan V emphasized the distinctive qualities that distinguish MetaHub from its competitors. MetaHub’s uniqueness in the competitive arena is attributed to various factors. These include its innovative approach to combining Affiliate Marketing and Generative AI, the seamless integration of various components within its ecosystem, and its commitment to fostering community engagement and empowerment. Additionally, MetaHub’s partnerships and affiliations with industry leaders such as Amazon, Google Cloud, and provide strategic advantages and contribute to its growth and sustainability.

DAC platform was a topic of interest. The Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform of MetaHub operates as a hub for various components such as the Quest Portal and the Affiliate Hub. This platform empowers users to participate in user acquisition/retention campaigns through quests, thereby fostering interaction between Service Providers and Users. Components of the ecosystem include Generative AI, SocialFi, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and Affiliate Consuming, all of which contribute to generating passive income through affiliate marketing

The Quest Portal and Affiliate Hub are integral parts of MetaHub’s DAC platform. The Quest Portal facilitates quests or tasks for users to engage in, while the Affiliate Hub serves as a central hub for affiliates to participate in these quests and earn rewards. Users can explore quests tailored to their interests and preferences, contributing to the growth of the ecosystem while earning rewards for their participation.

👉 50+ Strategic partners

👉120 communities 

👉9.8K community members

Concerning MetaHub’s unique staking model, known as Metaminting, it enables users to stake their tokens to participate in governance activities, earn rewards, and access advanced privileges within the ecosystem. Acquiring a staking account involves staking a certain amount of MEN tokens, thereby contributing to the security and stability of the platform while earning rewards for participation.

To celebrate the AMA, MetaHub organized [$500 GIVEAWAY] MetaHub x Binance Live on the DAC platform and attracted over 200 participants to complete the task in just 4 days.

In terms of MetaHub’s roadmap plans for the future, MetaHub has ambitious plans outlined in its roadmap for the future. These include expanding its ecosystem, launching new products and services, enhancing user experiences, and fostering adoption and integration across various sectors. Milestones achieved in 2024 include the successful launch of the DAC platform, significant user engagement, strategic partnerships with industry leaders, and the development of innovative features and functionalities to drive the project forward.


To sum up, the AMA RECAP: MetaHub Finance x Binance Live provided valuable insights into MetaHub’s hashgraph-based ecosystem and its primary product, the DAC platform. It effectively promoted knowledge sharing among participants. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the success of this AMA session. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting developments from us!

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