9 months ago

πŸ“£ We are thrilled to announce a strategic partner with ColdStack in the upcoming time. #ColdStack is The First-to-Market Aggregator of Decentralized Data Storage for Web 3.0.

#ColdStack provides simple and seamless integration of all the Decentralized Data storage in one platform. ColdStack’s mission is to make Web3 Cloud storage simple for everyone.

They create a much better alternative to centralized companies such as Amazon and allow users to take greater ownership of their data.

Their $CLS token powers their platform, enabling decentralized storage transactions as well as governance. $CLS is available to anyone in the world on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

⚑️ The collaboration between MetaHub Finance and ColdStack aims to create a great chance to drive both communities to thrive as well as shape the Web3 Space to revolutionize the digital landscape by fostering greater decentralization, user empowerment, and innovation across various sectors, from finance and affiliate to data privacy and digital identity management…

We’re planning to hold an AMA session together, where we will discuss important details of using our technologies and the nuances of further joint development, as well as goals towards comprehensive development for Web 3 in the forthcoming times.

MetaHub and ColdStack have been working tirelessly to push the project more successfully beyond everyone’s expectations for the upcoming step. πŸ’ͺ

πŸ“Œ Check more ColdStack Here:
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That’s all we bring to you. Let’s look forward to it in the near future.


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