MetaHub Finance and Gotbit: The world’s leading investment fund & incubator for Web3 Affiliate Community

7 months ago

 Brace for impact! Our comprehensive cooperation celebrated a big milestone when Gotbit was officially named MetaHub’s top incubator. Imagine this powerhouse duo: MetaHub Finance wielding Affiliate Marketing and Generative AI, teaming up with Gotbit to revolutionize the digital landscape.


MetaHub Finance, the trailblazer leveraging Affiliate Marketing and Generative AI, has joined forces with Gotbit to create ripples in the Web3 realm. Picture this: a world where Builders and Communities unite seamlessly, thanks to the visionary Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform brought to life by MetaHub Finance.

MetaHub Finance: A Beacon of Innovation

MetaHub Finance stands at the forefront of the Web3 evolution, providing a platform that redefines user acquisition and retention through diverse quests and an auto-payment system, ensuring convenience and cost-efficiency. Emphasizing the creation of a close-knit Web3 Affiliate Community, it offers an optimal tool for passive income generation while fostering strong connections and collaborative action.

The platform prides itself on pioneering an anti-cheat system that surpasses market standards, coupled with a recommendation mechanism that precisely targets users at reasonable prices. Uniquely positioned, MetaHub Finance serves both Web2 and Web3 businesses, unlocking the potential of Decentralized Identities for micro-payments and access to the Web3 realm.

Gotbit: The Partnership Unveiled

Gotbit, a trailblazer in fostering innovation within the crypto sphere, proudly welcomes MetaHub Finance into its investment portfolio. Functioning as an incubator, Gotbit vows to nurture MetaHub Finance, providing unwavering support and strategic guidance during the imminent Bitcoin Halving uptrend cycle. This alliance signifies a commitment to propelling MetaHub Finance towards unparalleled success, amplifying its impact in Web3.

Collaboration: A League of Champions

This isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a mission to build an unparalleled platform thriving on cutting-edge tech and collaboration. Together, they’ll reshape the Web3 narrative, leaving an indelible mark on innovation and growth.

Scope Highlights

Outlined within the scope of this collaboration are various public-facing endeavors, including consultancy services and event participation. Gotbit pledges to provide consulting services encompassing fundraising guidance, tokenomics evaluation, creation of incentive structures, and optimization of economic models. Additionally, services entail the creation of investment packages, investor profiling, campaign strategies, and ongoing investor engagement instruments.


The partnership between MetaHub Finance and Gotbit signifies a monumental step in shaping the future of decentralized finance. As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite enthusiasts and stakeholders alike to join us in witnessing the evolution of the Web3 landscape. 

Gotbit is pleased to officially announce that MetaHub Finance is now a part of Gotbit’s investment portfolio. Follow @MetaHubFinance to be part of this remarkable journey toward innovation, community empowerment, and the realization of a new era in decentralized finance.