7 months ago

In a momentous stride toward strengthening our ecosystem, MetaHub proudly announces the addition of 17 esteemed partners to its vibrant community. This significant expansion underscores MetaHub’s commitment to fostering collaborative relationships and diversifying its network for a more robust Web3 experience.


The list of the 17 new partners includes: Google Cloud, Cold Stack, Dex Game, ZeroSum, Mhaya Brands, SOFIN, herond, NeoFi, TECHYOUNG, eml protocol, Puffverse, Alter Protocol, Basalt Coin, Multiverse Savior, Yearn Together, Chain of Legends, Zyphers Games. 

Each partner brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that will contribute to the collective success of MetaHub and our thriving community.


As part of the partnership, MetaHub and our new associates will embark on joint initiatives, projects, and endeavours that aim to push the boundaries of Web3 innovation. The synergy between MetaHub and partners is expected to yield groundbreaking solutions and contribute to the evolution of the decentralized ecosystem.


We express gratitude to our existing community members and welcome the new partners with open arms. Together, we are set to explore the uncharted territories of Web3, drive innovation, and shape the future of decentralized collaboration.


For more details about MetaHub’s expanding ecosystem and the new partners, stay tuned for updates on our official channels.

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