Rustle up some excitement in the #NFT world!

4 months ago

NFTs are currently a beloved trend across various communities, from art and finance to social media platforms. Several NFT artworks have been sold for nearly $100 million, establishing themselves as a dominating force in the web3 technology market. In this article, we will explore interesting aspects of the NFT world and discover the outstanding advantages of MetaHub’s NFT-Pass.

Overview of Prominent NFT Types

PFPs/ Avatar

This trend highlights unique digital representations of individuals stamped with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), creating uniqueness and irreplaceability. Avatar NFTs serve not only as online personal icons but also as digital assets, often used to express the style and charisma of the owner. The Avatar NFT market is becoming a vibrant space where players and art enthusiasts can buy, sell, and own unique and rare pieces.

Gamified NFTs

Gamified NFTs combine NFTs with gaming experiences. These digital artworks are not only visually appealing but also integrate entertainment and challenges. With gaming capabilities, point accumulation, and participation in online events, Gamified NFTs attract the interest of both gaming communities and open up new opportunities in the NFT space. It is not just digital art; it is a unique interactive experience that enhances value and excitement in the NFT space.


Collectibles NFTs are unique digital artworks confirmed by decentralized tokens, creating value and uniqueness. These items are not only valuable digital art but also digital collectibles that attract collectors and investors. The market is growing rapidly, creating a new and unique creative space in the NFT landscape. Owning a Collectible NFT is not just a personal icon but also a part of the artist and collector community.

Introduction to MetaHub’s NFT-Pass

The MetaHub NFT-Pass transcends its role as a mere collectible; it serves as the gateway to unlocking an array of exclusive features and functionalities within the MetaHub ecosystem, comprising:

  • Staking: Engage and capitalize on Staking accounts to garner rewards within the MetaHub ecosystem.
  • Voting Rights: Partake in pivotal decisions and the future evolution of the platform through the voting mechanism, actively shaping the trajectory of MetaHub.
  • Early Access: The NFT-Pass bestows complete access to the MetaHub ecosystem, affording users early entry to novel features, products, and campaigns, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

Benefits of NFT-Pass for Holders

Becoming an NFT-Pass holder extends beyond possessing a digital collectible; it involves joining a vibrant community and gaining access to exclusive features. Here are some key advantages:

  • MetaMinting: Via the NFT-Pass Minting event, users have the opportunity to acquire an NFT-Pass with daily MEN token mining rights, with each NFT-Pass entitled to mine up to 1000 tokens.
  • Revenue Sharing: MetaHub allocates 30% of the tax revenue through smart contracts, with NFT-Pass owners qualifying for a share of this revenue. The distribution ratio is contingent on the number of NFT Passes held by each member.
  • Marketplace Transactions: NFT-Passes can be traded on the Marketplace. However, it is vital to note that only NFT-Passes generated through the new NPO event can activate the Staking account. NFTs acquired on the Marketplace lack Staking account activation capabilities.
  • Affiliate Level: Ownership of an NFT-Pass aids users in advancing their level in the MetaMinting affiliate marketing program. Every 5 NFT-Passes elevate the user’s level, augmenting profits by expediting $MEN token mining.
  • Whitelist: The IDO and INO Whitelist is securely stored as a smart contract, exclusively accessible to MetaHub NFT-Pass holders.
  • Governance: Within the MetaHub DAO, community management occurs through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) smart contract. NFT-Pass owners wield voting rights in pivotal decisions such as investments, revenue allocation, and community initiatives. The DAO smart contract securely stores and executes the voting process, ensuring transparent and secure governance.

In Conclusion, the NFT-Pass presents diverse benefits and opportunities within the MetaHub ecosystem. As MetaHub continues to redefine the landscape of constructing a Web3 affiliate community, the NPO sale event underscores the commitment to delivering unique value propositions for the project’s community. This is not just an opportunity to possess a fragment of the future but also an active contribution to the evolving ecosystem of MetaHub Finance.