Something you need to know: $MEN Token?

4 months ago

When entering the MetaHub ecosystem, you’ll come across discussions about the $MEN token of the platform. In this article, let’s explore what a $MEN token is and its role within the MetaHub system, as well as its practical applications.

Introduction to $MEN Token

$MEN is the governance token issued and used within the MetaHub Finance ecosystem. $MEN arises from the need for a secure and versatile means of participating in platform activities.

The primary purpose of the $MEN Token is to establish a unified means of payment for transactions on the Marketplace, participation in Staking, and engagement in promotions and other activities on MetaHub. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in determining the Affiliate level of the owner, enhancing community interaction and commitment.

Here are something you need to know $MEN token 💲

– Token Name: MEN Token

–  Ticker: $MEN

– Blockchain: PolyGon Chain

– Token Standard: ERC20

– Token Type: Governance

– Total Supply: 700,000,000 MEN

The total supply of $MEN Token is pre-defined and limited to 700,000,000 $MEN, distributed as follows:

  • 90%: MetaMinting
  • 9%: Concentrated Liquidity System (CLS)
  • 1%: Listing, Marketing & Development (TGE 20%, locked for 1 month, remaining 80% claimable over the next 12 months)

The Utilities of $MEN Token in the MetaHub Ecosystem

Trading on both DEX and CEX platforms

$MEN Token is used not only on decentralized exchanges (DEX) but also on centralized exchanges (CEX). This provides flexibility for users, allowing them to choose where to trade based on personal preferences and convenience.

Make payments on the Marketplace

$MEN Token is primarily used as a means of payment within the MetaHub ecosystem, especially on the Marketplace. Users can use this token to pay for products and services, ensuring a quick and secure payment process.

Participate in Staking activities

$MEN Token holders have the opportunity to participate in Staking activities, earning profits from holding the token for a certain period while contributing to the liquidity of the ecosystem.

Engage in the LSD program

Users can stake $MEN and receive stMEN derivative tokens, representing the staked assets and creating a new opportunity to increase liquidity. The LSD function allows users to lock $MEN tokens to receive stMEN tokens at a 1:1 ratio and choose a lock period of 30 days or 60 days. This brings benefits such as profit-sharing, increased Affiliate Level, and tax reduction opportunities when trading on DEX.

Exclusive access to special Quests and Quest generation requests

$MEN Token provides special privileges for owners, such as access to special quests and the ability to request the creation of unique quests. This enhances community interaction and contribution.

Increase Affiliate Levels

$MEN Token is not only a means of payment but also a tool to upgrade Affiliate Levels. Owning more tokens will increase the level, providing users with additional benefits and income from affiliate marketing programs within the MetaHub ecosystem.

Now that we’ve learned more about the $MEN Token and its applications in the MetaHub ecosystem, its development signifies a strong commitment from MetaHub. This commitment not only empowers the community by unlocking features and valuable benefits but also creates a space for everyone to build and share, contributing to the project’s increasing success in the future.