AMA Recap: MetaHub Finance x NeoFI

9 months ago

The inaugural LIVE #AMA sessions featuring MetaHub and NeoFi, centred around “MetaHub and NeoFi – A Welcome to the Web3 Landscape,” achieved tremendous success.


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In this engaging AMA, our Speaker, Alan V – MetaHub Business Development Manager, shared web3 landscape, sharing on how MetaHub’s solution sets it apart from other Web3 platforms and MetaHub method to guarantee the safety of user funds and data


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‼️ Basic information:


Host: Andy Johnson – NeoFi Community Moderator

Speaker: Alan V – MetaHub Business Development Manager


🕯 Date: 12 PM UTC, October 18th, 2023.


📝Some of the main parts discussed in the AMA.


  1. Can you provide an overview of MetaHub?

– MetaHub is a cutting-edge platform that combines Web3 infrastructure with AI technology and takes advantage of the crowdsourcing model to build a diverse and authentic community.  It uses the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) mechanism to enable efficient initiation and distribution of tasks. 


-DAC platform, which allows partners (Requesters) to initiate tasks that are then distributed to community members (Hunters) who are interested in completing these assignments. These tasks can be complimentary or require compensation, creating a flexible and diverse environment for both Requesters and Hunters. The DAC platform also includes a management mechanism for affiliates, who play a significant role in the growth of the MetaHub community. The goal of MetaHub is to establish an interactive and collaborative environment within the Web3 sphere, focused on sustainability and promising opportunities for all community members.


– We build a strong network, a place to connect authentic, potential, eager community users with trustful projects. To a project: It is the best way to save costs while getting huge connections from our networks, and building their data members. And users can join the project via doing tasks which are assigned by “requester” and get reward, it could be in stable coin, tokens, NFTs ect. 


2. How does MetaHub’s solution differ from other platforms in the Web3 space

– MetaHub’s solution differentiates itself from other platforms in the Web3 space in three key ways:


  1. Personal Privacy and Anonymity: MetaHub utilizes MetaID, a unique identifier for each member, and the SoulBound Token (SBT), an NFT that securely holds user information and activity history. This ensures privacy and trust within the decentralized society.


  1. Difficulty in Entry web2 users: We provided simple instructions step by step for all new users, along with allowing Web2 users to sign up with their social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail,… 


  1. Reducing marketing fees while taking huge advantage of communities: MetaHub simplifies the onboarding process for both projects and users. Through our DAC platform, MetaHub helps projects reduce marketing costs by connecting them with a vibrant community specializing in affiliate marketing. Users, on the other hand, receive information about projects that align with their preferences and are rewarded for completing tasks. 


  1. Inflation and Market Manipulation: MetaHub implements features like Deflationary Token Minting, Concentrated Liquidity System, and 50% investment allocation to a liquidity pool. This ensures stability, investor security, and mitigates market manipulation risks. 


  1. Additional: we are not just bringing a single feature, we offer a diverse ecosystem community members, where users can buy, sell tokens, NFTs, communicate, vote,…  include: 

    – MetaMinting

    – DEX

    – Marketplace

    – Launchpad

    – Quest Portal

    – DAC Platform 

    – Dao


– Overall, MetaHub’s focus on privacy, simplified entry, and investor protection sets it apart in the Web3 landscape.



3. Has MetaHub undergone any security audits, to ensure the safety of user funds and data?


– Yes, MetaHub has undergone a security audit by CertiK, a leading smart contract auditor in the Web3 space. The audit results for MetaHub are as follows:


Community Trust: 91.5%

Code Security: 84.57%

Security Score: 72.58%

Operational Resilience: 70.92%


– These results demonstrate that MetaHub has undergone a thorough evaluation, ensuring the safety of user funds and data. You can find more information about the audit on MetaHub’s CertiK page, which can be accessed at the following link:


4. What benefits does MetaHub derive from the Web3 landscape, how does it leverage them?


– We derive several benefits from the Web3 landscape, including access to a diverse community, collaborative partnerships, transparent reward systems, technical and strategic support, and financial benefits.

– It leverages these advantages to enhance its platform, build a strong community, foster trust, provide assistance to partners, and drive user engagement and growth.


5. As we are operating within the Web3 landscape, how can we effectively harness its full potential to our advantage? 


– To effectively harness the full potential of the Web3 landscape, we considered the following: 


  1. Embrace Crowdsourcing
  2. Adopt a Decentralized Identity 
  3. Leverage SoulBound Token (SBT)
  4. Utilize AI-powered Solutions 
  5. Build a Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) Platform.


– By implementing these strategies, you can maximize the potential of Web3, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

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