AMA Recap: MetaHub Finance x Zerosum

8 months ago

The first LIVE #AMA session between MetaHub and ZeroSum with the topic: Community Management in Web3 2023.

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During the AMA, our Speaker: Alan V – Head of MetaHub Partnership shared web3 landscape, sharing a view of the current market as well as upcoming milestones of metahub’s direction


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Host by: George Anthony – ZeroSum Director of Marketing

Speaker: Alan V – MetaHub Business Development Manager

🕯 Date: 11 AM UTC, October 11th, 2023


Some of the main parts discussed in the AMA.


  1. Please help to provide us with an overview of MetaHub Finance and explain the concept of a Decentralized Affiliate Consumming (DAC)

MetaHub is a cutting-edge platform that combines Web3 infrastructure with AI technology and takes advantage of the crowdsourcing model to build a diverse and authentic community.  It uses the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) mechanism to enable efficient initiation and distribution of tasks. 


– I will delve deeper into how MetaHub Finance operates and highlight the unique features that set us apart from traditional financial systems, DAC. – It’s also our main core product in the first stage.


  • DAC platform, which allows partners (Requesters) to initiate tasks that are then distributed to community members (Hunters) who are interested in completing these assignments. These tasks can be complimentary or require compensation, creating a flexible and diverse environment for both Requesters and Hunters. The DAC platform also includes a management mechanism for affiliates, who play a significant role in the growth of the MetaHub community. The goal of MetaHub is to establish an interactive and collaborative environment within the Web3 sphere, focused on sustainability and promising opportunities for all community members.


– We have strong networks, a place to connect authentic, potential, eager community users with trustful projects. To a project: It is the best way to save costs while getting huge connections from our networks, and building their data members. And users can join the project via doing tasks which are assigned by “requester” and get reward, it could be in stable coin, tokens, NFTs ect. 


  1. Can you tell us about the 2023 milestones?


Our Latest Information: 

– Discover MetaHub’s Vision: “The Leading Platform for Building the Web3 Affiliate Community.” 

– Embrace a New Challenge: METAHUB’S QUEST PORTAL


Workshops and Events:

– Web 3 Space’s Workshop – A deep dive into the future of the Web3 affiliate landscape. 

– MetaFrenzy: The Ultimate Invitation 

– Warrior MetaHub Campaign: BECOME THE ELITE


 AMA Sessions with Value Partners

– AMA with MetaHub x Ola_CryptoB 

– AMA with MetaHub x Dexgame 


Crucial Announcements:

– Introducing MetaHub’s Marketing Advisor- Nathaniel Rondon

– Strategic Partnership: METAHUB FINANCE x COLDSTACK 


Community Milestones:

– Celebrate Our Community: 10,000 MEMBERS on Twitter, Telegram and Discord  

–  Welcome MetaHub’s New Local Community: Viet Nam and the Philippines Telegram Group

October promises even more excitement and innovation as we continue to shape the future of the Web3 affiliate community. 


  1. As someone embedded in the crypto industry, what are three major trends that you predict will shape the future of cryptocurrency in the next five years?


> Explore industry trends:

+ Web 3.0: the third generation of Internet services that connect data together in a decentralized way to deliver a faster and more personalized user experience. Explore the possibilities of creating an innovative and collaborative interactive environment within the Web3 environment. 

+ What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and how does it affect traditional finance? Promises of Decentralized Identity and Security

+ Blockchain for the benefit of society: Empowering the community ….

Web3 will continue to grow at a CAGR of 44.6% from 2023 to 2030. So, it will be one of the fastest growing sectors for the next decade. According to research studies at analytics insights, development of the following trends will be observed in the next year 2023. I do believe that the future is decentralized and aim to be committed to building a sustainable future for all the community users and developers, investors…

Notice trends in socialfi

  • Layer 2 Solutions Improve Scalability:

Scalability remains a crucial challenge for many blockchain networks. In 2024, the widespread adoption of Layer 2 solutions like the Lightning Network (for Bitcoin) and the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade will significantly improve the scalability of these networks, enabling faster and cheaper transactions.


  • Interoperability Bridges Between Blockchains:

With the growing number of blockchain networks, interoperability will become essential for seamless asset transfer between different ecosystems. Cross-chain bridges and protocols like Polkadot and Cosmos will gain prominence, allowing assets and data to move freely between various blockchains, fostering a more interconnected and efficient crypto space.


Institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will continue to rise in 2024. Large financial institutions, asset managers, and corporations will invest in cryptocurrencies, viewing them as alternative assets with potential for diversification and hedging against inflation. In response, crypto infrastructure will mature, providing custodial services, derivatives markets, and compliance solutions tailored to institutional needs.


  1. What do you think about the current market, is it still a crypto winter?


The crypto market has been very volatile in recent months, but I believe that we are starting to see signs of recovery. There is still a lot of uncertainty in the market, but I am optimistic about the long-term future of cryptocurrency.

As for affiliate marketing in crypto, it can be more challenging to promote crypto products and services during a bear market. However, it is also an opportunity to educate people about the benefits of cryptocurrency and build relationships with potential customers. People realize the real deal will survive


  1. As a web3 project, how would you evaluate the success of MetaHub in terms of community management? Do you believe MetaHub has effectively nurtured and engaged its community within the web3 ecosystem? 


As MetaHub Finance is relatively new on the web3 scene, we acknowledge that we are still in the early stages of our journey. While we have made notable strides in community management, we recognize the need for continuous improvement. Our primary focus is on creating an inclusive and thriving community where members have a voice and feel valued.


We have taken several initiatives to foster community engagement, such as hosting regular AMA sessions, workshops, and events. However, we are aware that there is room for enhancement. We welcome suggestions and contributions from our community members, advisors and partners to shape the future of MetaHub. We are committed to implementing these valuable insights and constantly refining our strategies to make the MetaHub community management experience even better.


Our dedication to transparency, open communication, and collaboration remains unwavering. We value the trust and support of our community and will spare no effort to ensure their satisfaction. Together, we aim to create a vibrant and prosperous web3 ecosystem. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to your continued involvement and contributions.

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