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 The AMA session between AMA MetaHub and  BasaltCoins has already taken place successfully.


For those who missed the last AMA, you can consult more via the recap below.


– First and foremost, This AMA has gotten the  impressive number of:

200 ++ participants

50 ++ Questions sent to Q & A segment

3 luckiest winners to share huge pool reward


– Here is the List of AMA winners who have the most prominent questions, find your name below:

Austin – Twitter username:@Rainmad35

Joker – Twitter username: @adanikeemmanue

Alex – Twitter username: @bobeye812


📝 And Some of the main parts discussed in the AMA.



  • Can you provide an overview of MetaHub?


MetaHub is a platform that offers a Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) solution in the Web3 space. It combines the Quest Portal and Affiliate Hub to promote interaction and collaboration within the Web3 community.


We are comparable to Galxe, QuestN, or Zealy, but with a big difference in Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates, in particular, will submit their applications. Qualified candidates will be contacted and given a customized pay package. The affiliates will then develop content and promote MetaHub and its partners through their own platforms. 

We also offer a referral program: a simple, comprehensive referral scheme for all users, regardless of whether they are KOLs, KOCs, influencers, or just crypto fans. All users have to do is provide their referral link and they will get 10-30% of the invitees’ prizes.


About the quests, we have different categories:


+ Social quests: Projects are free to mention social interactions (twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and so on).

+ Custom quests: Only KYC-ed projects may establish customizable quests (trading on the MKP, reaching particular milestones in a game, watching a movie, taking a quiz, and so on). – All we do is API integration.

+ Checkpoint quests: Allow partners to establish offline quests (users check in at a certain location and receive free beverages, food, or other goodies as a reward).


  1. About your tokenomics, what’s going on? And the benefits?


Our overall supply stands at 700,000,000. We also devote 90% of our tokenomics to MetaMinting, a mechanism that distributes our native tokens on a daily basis. Users will have two options: cash out on DEX or CEX or reinvest in their staking account to benefit from compound interest.


On the IDO day, we have not only MMs but also a CLS, which permits liquidity within a predetermined price range ($0.2 – $0.25).


And 1% of tokenomics is allocated to listing, marketing, and development.


  1. Utilities of Tokens


One membership pass (NFT-Pass) grants access to 1000 tokens. We do not lock the tokens; instead, they are distributed on a regular basis; more NFTs equals more tokens. The daily incentive rate ranges from 0.4% to 0.5%. 


The NFT-Pass has many more features than our native tokens, including:

  • MetaMinting
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Marketplace Trading
  • Affiliate Levels
  • Whitelist
  • Governance


The tokens would mostly be used for trading and paying transaction fees.



  1. Competitive advantages


  1. Simple UI: user-friendly interface results in great user experience.

  2. Startup-friendly platform:

New projects won’t be able to compete with trending, hot projects from big backers, companies. They will not be able to build their community due to low visibility. We offer not only quest listings but also digital marketing consultancy, affiliate support, and tailored user engagement plans for stronger community connections.


  1. Combat Bots and Fraud: Our cutting-edge AI keeps your platform clean by preventing bots, spammers, and scammers. We even provide tailored suggestions based on user behaviour, just like Spotify.


  1. Rewards Galore: Engage and retain users effectively with our tokens, NFTs, digital assets, and USDT. MetaMinting is available for token holders and pass holders.


  1. Hacker-Proof: Our internal operations mean no need for oracles, ensuring a secure environment.


  1. Early Access: With 7,000+ registrations in just two days, the platform launches in mid-November. And those 7000+ new users are waiting for the first quests to complete. So you will get to be one of the first partners.


  1. Plans to release your native token on launchpad and exchange?

The platform will be live mid-November, and we definitely will list our token on CEX, launchpads, and big partners to gain trust.


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Thanks to all the audience for their significant presence in this AMA. 


Take your time and see you in the next AMA!


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