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A meet-up with advisor Gloria Ma with the topic: The power of Community & how to boost up their value in MetaHub


📌For those who missed the last Meet-up, you can consult more via the recap below.


During the meet-up, we shared the Power of Community and how to boost up their value in MetaHub

‼️ And now, Let’s uncover the highlighted numbers:


  • Over 1000 enthusiastic listeners joined the session.
  • We received a whopping 100+ questions from the engaged audience.
  • Three lucky winners walked away with 150 $MEN each.
  • The discussion perfectly captured the essence of Web 3 and MetaHub’s visionary journey.


‼️ Basic information:

Host by: Ms. Catherine – Head of Business Development

Speaker: Gloria Ma – MetaHub Strategic Advisor

Time: November 1st, 2023, at 6:00 PM (UTC+7)


📝Some of the main parts discussed:

  • The significantly role of communities for Web3 startup/project:


Ms. Catherine:

+ Web3 Community is crucial for some reasons:

  1. Establish the brand/new project and gather a loyal group of users who share the same vision and values
  2. It connects the project with like-minded individuals who can support the business/growth, expand your reach. 
  3. It Provides valuable feedback and insights from users , particularly joining a DAO as core builder to vote for any governance activities to improve the products & services

+ What do we think about the community at MetaHub? 

– They are who join Quest Portal and hunts for rewards

– They are who owned NFT-Pass or Token to get full access into the ecosystem

–  They are who participate Affiliate Network & build up their own community

From the beginning of MetaHub project, we are talking about the human element which focus on the potential collaboration to develop the high-quality products and deliver value to the community, we call it as Venture Builder


Ms. Gloria Ma:

 A strong community where trust & collaboration are vital, helps you become a trusted leader in a decentralized ecosystem and attracts users seeking reliability and trustworthiness. 


+ Another advantage of community is staying ahead of the competition by fostering a loyal user


+ They keep you informed about the latest trends & developments, as Catherin shares abt the DAO management, the project can spot emerging opportunities and adapt your strategies accordingly. 


For startup projects,the original startup community ike grandparents,in east asia culture,grandparents believe their grandchildren without any reason, they will try their best support and treat them very well, even their parents feel tiring to educate well their son,they will encourage them their grandchildren is well ,parents should have more patience and work harder

  •  Some challenges to build up the community & grow:


+ Building communities for new brands/projects takes time and patience due to:

  • Taking time to do it and building trust with the community is not easy at the moment.. 
  • A lot of uncertainty 
  • It can be challenging to navigate the technical complexities involved. Web3 Technologies such as blockchain and dApps can be complex and become the barrier for onboarding new users ( special for Web2 users). 
  • Building an engaged and active community requires continuous effort

  • MetaHub build the Affiliate Hub – how it works


– DAC: MetaHub Finance combines the power of the Quest Portal with the Affiliate Hub to create a Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform. This synergy facilitates robust interaction between Builders and the broader Community

– Commissions and benefits, affiliate level: Generating, unlimited passive income for Affiliators, profit optimization


=> The Affiliate Hub serves as the central gathering point for these partners, facilitating connections and support for introducing new users to the MetaHub ecosystem.

  • New concept from MetaHub – Redefining Affiliate MKT in web3 Age

– Affiliate marketing has a significantly growth (projections indicating it will skyrocket from $17 billion in 2023 to $40 billion by 2030)

– Face some problems when bringing into web3 concept: Lack of adaptation, Limited personalization, Inefficient data utilization

– Solution: Building a Decentralized Affiliate Hub, Generative AI for personalization and efficiency, to enhance customer experience and marketing campaign effectiveness and enhance competitive edge in the Web3 age.

  • How to score community & contribute their credit into the MetaHub Ecosystem:


– Diversey ecosystem:  – MetaMinting, DEX, Marketplace, Launchpad, Quest Portal, DAC Platform, Dao

– Chain reputation (Polygon) help verify, Certik score 

-Technology behinds: USP:

 + BMAS:  This product leverages cloud-based data and is compatible with all devices utilizing Microsoft services. 

 + SBT: an NFT that securely holds user information and activity history. This ensures privacy and trust within the decentralized society.

– Partnership Affiliate Hub, Referral program

– Step by step Instruction for new users, allow users to sign up with Tw, gmail acc 

– Building Dao and hub for users and community 

– Plan to build project Multichain

– Using AI to detect users behaviors and their interest to provide tailored suggestions


Results: The project’s community has seen rapid growth, with over 50,000 enthusiastic users across various social media channels. In the second quarter of 2023, MetaHub officially launched the Testnet trial version, setting the stage for an even more extensive global presence.


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