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DAC Version 1.0.0 Beta is now available, including the primary features of generating and performing Social Tasks for Requesters and Hunters, providing an initial boost for DAC to the Affiliate, Requester, and Hunter communities.

We are proud to announce some new features to be brought into the DAC Version 1.0.0 Beta. The update along with the New feature revelation below:

  • Account System: Becoming one of our Hunters/Requesters is now as simple as a single click, featuring both Web2 and Web3 login and registration options supported. Switch between platforms with ease and gain access to your account.
  • Community System: Within our platform, you can easily create and expand your own community. Engage with like-minded people, work together on missions, and cultivate a sense of belonging.
  • Ranking System: Climb the leaderboard by taking part in platform activities and gaining access to unique perks. Display your work, receive recognition, and reap the benefits of being a high performer.
  • Quest System: Experience automated reward distribution and intelligent task verification. Do departing to manual reward management and have confidence that your accomplishments will be recognized and acknowledged.
  • Anti-Cheat & Bot Detection: To maintain a fair playing field for all users, we’ve strengthened our security with modern anti-cheat technologies. Our comprehensive bot identification technology assures fair and honest participation, protecting the platform’s integrity.
  • Personalised Recommendations: Receive personalised quest recommendations based on your interests and activities, making the quest-finding process more efficient and fun.



We hope that MetaHubers now have a better understanding of DAC Platform. And this is just the beginning, as we still have the feature to explore!

First and formost, become a Metahub citizen now just a single click away, supporting all Web2 and Web3 login and registration types. Seamlessly switch between platforms and access your account with ease.


Get to know to login DAC account

We’re here to give you some important guidelines on how to register or Log in a DAC account correctly. Just a quick glance to learn deeply step by step and choose to access in one of the two ways below: 

  • Register as our Citizen with Metamask.

Step 1: Search, and then Choose “Log in”

Step 2: Log in with your Metamask wallet 

Step 3: Fill in your username and ID Referral ( if you have one) Click the button “Register”.

Step 4: Click “Register” and confirm, then Click “Sign”

Your completely register and you are in MetaHub DAC

⚠️ Important Alert: You must have a Metamask wallet and definitely connect to Polygon Network


  • Login as a new citizen with a Social Account

 Step 1: Search, and then Choose “Log in”

Step 2: Select the account options that best fit your requirements. In this guideline, we will choose to login with Twitter accounts.

Step 3: Confirm the request 

Step 4: Login successfully and you are in DAC now

This Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform blends the powerful synergy of Quest Portal and Affiliate Hub to foster the most robust interaction between Builders and the broader Community. Quest Portal, in particular, makes it easier to initiate, execute, and automatically award tasks for both Hunter and Requester. 

  • Be Quest Requester: Access to a worldwide audience by allowing Requesters to rapidly launch assignments on the DAC platform under the “Social Quest” category.
  • Be Quest Hunter:  Engage, share knowledge, and ignite interactions, promoting a collaborative and transparent environment.

Join us as Hunters and Requesters to begin a successful adventure in the fast-paced world of the Web3 Affiliate community!



Requesters are individuals or entities, who initiate and customize campaigns and tasks on the platform, shaping a reward system that fosters engagement and appeal for both participants and creators.


Build for quest anywhere

Requesters play a pivotal role in the MetaHub ecosystem as the architects of campaigns and tasks on the platform. 

To get started, let’s register for  DAC account: 

Step 1: Register a DAC account.

Step by step, please follow the mentioned steps for registering a DAC account above.

Step 2: Create a Community.

After registering, create your own community within the MetaHub platform. This step involves setting up the space where your quests will be hosted.

You need to fill basic information

Step 3: Overview Quest

After fill out information, select and view essential Metrics

Step 4: Create a Quest

Fill in the necessary quest information and set the rewards for your quest. Specify the details of the quest, such as its title, tags, description, and schedule.

 Additionally, choose the type of quest (social, checkpoint, or custom) that aligns with your project’s goals. 

After that, Step to Qualification to determine eligibility for Hunters and then Reward section 

Choose “Save setting” for completely


Potential Earn for Requester

Partnering with MetaHub offers Requesters numerous benefits, including cost-effective access to a large pool of potential customers, opportunities for business development and growth, and involvement in a distinctive and evolving ecosystem. By integrating resources, knowledge, and skills, MetaHub and Requesters together create a unique ecosystem that fosters sustainable development for both parties.


The MetaHub ecosystem is designed to empower and inspire, and as a Requester, you’re a crucial participant in this transformative narrative.



In the MetaHub community, members in the role of Hunter are not just sharp individuals seizing opportunities to drive community development but are also sources of income for themselves.

With their crucial mission, Hunters play an undeniable role in the project’s progression. Actively participating in tasks created by Requesters on the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform, they not only receive attractive rewards but also contribute to building the user database—the foundation of MetaHub’s prosperity.


Becoming a Hunter

In the MetaHub community, members in the role of Hunter are not just sharp individuals seizing opportunities to drive community development but are also sources of income for themselves.

Becoming a Hunter in Just a Few Simple Steps:

Step 1: Visit the DAC website at, and register for DAC account first [ please follow the mentioned steps for registering a DAC account above]

Step 2: Guide to complete Quests on DAC platform

  • Go back to Homepage and then, Click on the Quest
  • Perform the required tasks

Step 3: Overview the DAC Website Interface

  • View Personal information in setting section
  • Click on the Hunter’s Heaven
  • Copy and send your referral link to your friends

Step 4: Explore Quest

  • Search for Quest that matches your preferences
  • Do Quest and earn rewards


Potential Earn for Hunter

Rewarding quest completion.

Hunters earn attractive rewards by actively participating and completing tasks created by Requesters on the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform. The more tasks Hunters complete, the more rewards they unlock, creating a direct correlation between effort and income.

Affiliate reward

Hunters can passively earn an affiliate reward by building a network of affiliated consumers. This means that if they introduce new users to the platform, they can earn income based on the activities and interaction level of the introduced users.

Come and become a Hunter in the MetaHub user community. Your journey is not just about completing tasks but also about creativity and positive interaction shaping MetaHub’s success. With diverse opportunities and attractive rewards, let’s together build a strong and promising user community at MetaHub! Be ready for a journey full of promises at MetaHub!

This trip is yours to traverse, whether you’ve intentionally adopted the position of a Requester or Hunter exploring your own home inside MetaHub. Let’s peel back the layers of your function to see what influence you can have in the changing world of Web3.

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