MetaHub Unveils NFT-Pass Offering: Something you need to know?

6 months ago

MetaHub Finance is a pioneering platform in the realm of building the Web3 affiliate community. Recently, the MetaHub project team has taken a groundbreaking step by introducing incentives in the first round of the NFT-Pass Offering event. This move not only attests to the platform’s commitment to innovation but also opens up exciting possibilities for the vibrant community within MetaHub.

Introduction to NFT-Pass Offering

The NFT-Pass Offering is a limited-time promotional opportunity for MetaHubers to acquire a unique digital asset – the NFT-Pass. The NFT-Pass Offering is the exclusive chance for users to invest in the MetaHub ecosystem. It represents the value of the initial investment and provides exclusive features. MetaHub will offer a total of 150,000 NFTs, and in this first offering phase, 1,000 NFT-Pass have been released with incredibly enticing benefits exclusively for MetaHub-ers.

NFT-Pass is valued at $100, which can be used to activate the Staking package for the wallet address used to mint. This means that 1 NFT-Pass = 100 USDT (with each NFT-Pass, users can mint a maximum amount of 1000 tokens). Upon depositing USDT, DAI, or USDC, users can mint an NFT-Pass to their personal wallet and activate the MetaMinting account.

Revenue from NFT sales will have a predetermined percentage of liquidity, and the remaining portion will be allocated for project development and distributed across various aspects as follows:

  • 40% for product development
  • 30% for operations
  • 20% for marketing
  • 10% for reserves

The Value of NFT-Pass in the MetaHub Ecosystem

The NFT-Pass is more than just a collectible; it’s the key to unlocking exclusive features and functionalities within the MetaHub ecosystem, including:

Staking: Activate and leverage Staking accounts to earn rewards within the MetaHub ecosystem.
Voting Rights: Have a say in decisions and future developments of the platform through the voting mechanism, actively shaping the trajectory of MetaHub.
Early Access: The NFT-Pass grants full access to the MetaHub ecosystem, allowing users to enjoy early access to new features, products, and campaigns, staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

Benefits for NFT-Pass Holders

Becoming an NFT-Pass holder is more than owning a digital collectible; it’s joining a vibrant community and gaining exclusive features. Here are some key benefits:

MetaMinting: Through the NFT-Pass Minting event, users have the chance to own an NFT-Pass with daily MEN token mining rights. Each NFT-Pass is entitled to mine up to 1000 tokens.

Revenue Sharing: MetaHub distributes 30% of the tax revenue through smart contracts. NFT-Pass owners qualify to receive a share of this revenue. The distribution ratio is determined based on the number of NFT Passes held by each member.

Marketplace Transactions: NFT-Passes can be bought and sold on the Marketplace. However, it’s crucial to note that only NFT-Passes created through the new NPO event can activate the Staking account. NFTs purchased on the Marketplace won’t have Staking account activation capabilities.

Affiliate Level: Owning an NFT-Pass helps users level up in the MetaMinting affiliate marketing program. Every 5 NFT-Passes increase the user’s level, enhancing profits by accelerating $MEN token mining.

Whitelist: The IDO and INO Whitelist is stored as a smart contract and can only be accessed by MetaHub NFT-Pass holders.

Governance: Within the MetaHub DAO, the community is managed through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) smart contract. NFT-Pass owners have voting rights in crucial decisions such as investments, revenue allocation, and community initiatives. The DAO smart contract stores and executes the voting process, ensuring secure and transparent governance.

In summary, NFT-Pass offers various benefits and opportunities within the MetaHub ecosystem. As MetaHub continues to redefine the landscape of building a Web3 affiliate community, the NPO sale event is evidence of the commitment to providing unique value propositions for the project’s community. This is not just an opportunity to own a piece of the future but also to actively contribute to the evolving ecosystem of MetaHub Finance.

Stay tuned for updates and participate in the NFT-Pass Offering events here: